QUS: How to participate in Dhifm Radio and Visual Radio Programes?
ANS: To enjoy, take part, win our daily prizes, just send a text with the given "key word" to "dhiraagu 600" "wataniya 4600".

QUS: How to buy a full version of Quran dhiveh Translation audio CD?
ANS: Please make a stop at our reseption counter.

QUS: How much is the price for Quran dhiveh Translation audio CD?
ANS: It is only MRF50/-

QUS: At what time visual radio is starting to broadcast?
ANS: DhiFM Visual Radio starts at everyday 0030 to 1350.

QUS: How can i send a MMS to Visual Radio?
ANS: Its is pretty easy, just take a picture send to 300.

QUS: What is the Ad banner size on Visual Radio?
ANS: Banner size is 340 X 235 (Pixels) Text/image

QUS: How to find more info on advertising with dhifm?
ANS: You are just a few clicks behind, choose Advertise menu and download our PDF file which you can find all the information you need but prices alwas negotiable.