DhiFM 95.2

First private radio station of the Maldives. DhiFM is owned and managed by Maldives Media Company. Officially born on 23rd July 2007.


DhiFM Visual Radio

DhiFM, the first private radio station in the Maldives launched Visual Radio. This creative service became an instant hit with viewers hailing this service as a new revolution in the Maldives’ media sector. DhiFM visual radio service carried on DhiTV platform from 0030 to 1350 will feature a studio video broadcast service as well as viewer’s live sms, text-based latest news updated frequently.  Visual Radio advertising will be one of the most cost-effective and popular methods of marketing a business. DhiFM Visual Radio will become your best strategy for accessing larger audiences in the Maldives. With this new service advertisers can instantly reach thousands of potential customers.